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There are artists, and there was Orna Porat

Originally posted on The Blog:
Israel’s multi-award winner and much-loved theater diva died on 6th August 2015. Though her sickness was preparing her audience for the time to say goodbye, it never comes easily to accept the fact that someone we adore is not around anymore. Orna Porat died at age 91, but her legacy…

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Originally posted on The NYC Journal by Virag Gulyas:
Everything is a first. There are no seconds. There are no thirds. There are only firsts. Firsts have the juice. Firsts have the passion. Firsts have the thirst and the curiosity. Firsts are the things we live for. It was June. A warm but hazy June.…

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I lived in New York and something stayed there…

Virag, why don’t you write?  A ticking bomb in my soul. Something that wants to happen but I hold it back. So, really. Why don’t I write? ‘I used to cry but I don’t have time…’ – this is the only answer I get while asking my question aloud under the shower. I am in tears. The warm…

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My intoxication

The Day After You Were Reborn: Today

It was not my first time.  I was listening his words with stillness. He had five minutes. But when the gong gave its warning he was only half way through. The room was filled with excitement and tension. We all forgot the rules and just continued to slap our hands louder and louder making an unavoidable…

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