With Eyes Closed

by Virag Gulyas

Have you ever tried running on a treadmill with closed eyes?Kép

Or just close them for a second while walking on the streets?

If not, try it!
If you did, you know that it is scary: Your whole body gets stiff in a millisecond.

Funny, isn’t it? You feel off – balance immediately and you have the sense of urgency to touch something to feel your whereabouts; or to open your eyes instantly  to see the direction your are heading to.

And this shock  is caused only by  as little element as your two tiny eyelids.  So, no wonder our body is in constant ‘alert’, since as we open our eyelids we receive shocks from every aspects of our life.

But  back to the closed eyes….Why don’t we trust our body? Why don’t we trust that all those atoms know how to balance with our eyes closed? Why don’t we trust that this complex system finds the way to stay on the good direction even with our eyes closed? (and no, your balancing mechanism is in your ears not in your eyes, so this is not an explanation) 

So, really, why not?

I try it so many times; as a kid I was playing with it when walking alone and nobody saw. Just for fun.

It was fun!
And you might have played the ‘trust’ game with your friends also: when one of you closed his eyes and had to trust that the other will guide him safely. I usually cheated. I did not trust they would not let me fall…
I still don’t and I am fine with this.

But if we do not trust the other, why don’t we trust in our own body at least?

It is somewhat similar to all our fears in general. We do not trust that all will be good at the end. Once we loose control over our life, we feel that immense power that pushes us off-balance. The only thing you want is to scream for something to touch that would allow you to feel your whereabouts; or to see a sign that shows you: you are on the good direction.   We are in constant fear, this is the truth. Fear of not only loosing balance, but not seeing where we go. Not having the rules as to what to follow and when to turn right and when to left.

I still play this. Closing my eyes while walking or running when nobody sees me. And I still get scared each time, but somehow enjoy feeling how my body pumps the adrenaline into my cells as a direct respond to my shock.
I am learning to trust; I am learning to trust that my body will find its way to keep the balance. Even if only for a second I can let go…Even if only for a second I can close my eyes without fear.

…and I have never fallen.

So what if we would try the same in our life? To let the fear go. Even if only for a second.  What if only for a second we could just trust that all will be fine by the endMaybe life would reward us for our trust in her?!
Maybe; what can we loose? On top, we fall a big one.
But do not we fall even with our fears, with out eyes open? Of course we do.
So why not to fall with ease? Without fear, with eyes closed?

And let me remind you: Everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.’ 

So just keep on closing your eyes and trust!


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