Jude Law is in town!

If you know me, you certainly know one attribute about me: that is to say the least, I am terrible with names. I am certainly one of those people who attempt to tell you about a  movie in a way that even if you saw it, I assure, you would think twice before you realize we are actually talking about the same thing. To put it short: I do not know actors, actresses, movie titles, who wins Oscar and who does not. All in all, this Hollywood bubble is not having an actual significance in my life. Or rather, it has no significance what so ever. Consequently, the names I know are selective and carefully selected. I know them if they constantly make me feel they are worthy. If I would follow all coming and going celebrities what would happen with my brain?! Just asking…

I do not consider them Gods and Goddesses just because they are who they are. I often joke that even if Jude Law would pass by me I would certainly just go on not even looking at him.

Funny coincidence.

Jude Law is in town. He is in an approachable distance. I see girls and women going crazy and waiting to bump into him. Well, he is definitely charming and charismatic  phenomena, yet …

As I admitted, I am not into this celebrity world but today I just needed to be one of the gossip girls. Why? Because Jude Law’s name was something to me. Not only as an actor but as a human being. He was respected, so to say. This seems to be eliminated as of today. Before writing these words I researched him not to sound inaccurate. So it came as no surprise that he is and he was a Don Juan. Not even talking about to no-shocking-fact that he has 4 kids from different people living in different parts of the world.  So yeah. Sources say he has a partner. Does not matter who, I do not know her (evidently). Then here is this video, where he is ‘having fun in Budapest’  and goes on our official celeb lady. (again, what is she doing? who is she? Ah she is the one who became celeb because he looked liked Britney Spears like 10 years ago! That one! OMG, how much I should rethink my career life).

Anyways, you have these two in a pub. He is wasted. She is just acting as today’s typical ‘chica‘: laughing on whatever with big gestures, applying the ‘ah I do not care who you are but can we go the bedroom finally’ clear signs.
I know they are humans. I am not here to judge them. I am here to judge the thing that is going on today. One thinks just because he is famous he can do whatever, the other wanna be famous, so she thinks she must do whatever.

If you are “famous” (not the easy celeb-type, but actually worked hard to your fame), do not you have some role to uphold?

I do not know how you are feeling about these. But after a while, credibility fades away. For me it is not enough that you are good actor. For me to remember your name, you have to be a good man, too. I am talking about him without her, because in this equation he was the only ‘looked up’ one until now…

Evidently, I am not a prude hypocrite – people can do whatever they wish so – and I also do not think it is entirely his fault, yet, he has a girlfriend, and I would not be in her shoes today…


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