The revolution was cancelled

A nice, sunny afternoon is Brussels. Always a treat. You openly wonder why this city is much livable when it shines as opposed to all the other days, when it does not. Well, if you have been around, you know: it mainly does not.

Sunshine, terrace, a good cup of coffee and a friend. You talk for hours. You have a lot to share – after all you did not meet for a few days already. And, evidently, you want to hold on to each and every sunshine you can…You know, just to fill up your reserves until that next time.

You are talking about life. Mainly love. But then (broader) life again.

It is 2 o’clock.You have big dreams. You truly feel this afternoon, yes this afternoon, you are going to be enlightened. You feel that by walking out of this terrace you will finally be a matured, clear-thinking, rational adult. Just as your age would already entail it.

It is 4 o’clock. Fresh, red, juicy strawberry. Some cynical jokes about each other’s life & death troubles. The motivational spirit is still on fire. You are going to get it!
… you will find the personalized meaning of your lives. Yes, today, you will!

It is 6 o’clock. And the catharsis just does not come. Just does not wanna come. You are holding your head like Winnie the Pooh does  every time before his  significant metamorphosis – essentially, on daily basis – and thinking harder and harder and harder.

It is 6h30. The sun is getting tired of your convulsive attempts and places its lights lower. You get the sign; and looking at each other with an honest disappointment, while having a final bite in the last strawberry piece.

Once again, all these hours, all these words, all the great thoughts; and you are still not have stepped forward towards you carefully and realistically set aim: to get enlightenment! Have you put this aim too high perhaps? No, of course not. When else if not today should you get all the answers you need for a happy and fulfilling life?

Yet, you failed, you guess! None of you feels  God’s sparkling light striking on your lives that one-big-once-and -for-all big bang. 

You still do not know what love really means (no! not that pinky one, but the real one), how you know who to marry (are you that old already?) and whether your late 20’s early 30’s dilemmas are justified (or just you are building them so perfectly day by day, bricks by bricks). You still did not find the radiant-life-changing idea to invest your last savings in; to get very rich afterwards. You still did not send your reforming drafts to your Minister for Education and tell your leaders what you really want.

The revolution was cancelled for today.

Maybe next time.

Until then, drink good coffees, enjoy the warmth of the sun and the taste of the first strawberry! Enjoy the unwrapped paths of your journey. Get lost among its (in)visible signs! Laugh big ones! And above all start buying a lottery!


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