Voting-fever in Europe: Do We Really Know Who We are Voting For?!

If overcoming our national elections would not be enough, here it comes the VOTE for Europeendless publicity – which, by the way, I found as a great initiative; yet triggered my mind further.
Such as during the national camping  time, the only safe way to be is switch off electricity and close the door of your bedroom; then you can hide from the never-ending propaganda.

I am pro-European.  Or not to misled anyone, I am rather for pro the ex-ideology. I love that we have peace and I will always be grateful for our dear founding fathers. I love that we can (seemingly) co-exist without major issues. I love that I can move around without any obstacles, as opposed to my parents, whose dream was, at least, once to see Vienna …

I also love that I can settle wherever I want, get a job, go to a doctor or get social security. All amazing achievements that we cannot bypass without acknowledging them!

I love and I am thankful that we have options for all aspects of our lives.

I also thank for the option allowing me to vote during the European elections, even when not being a citizen of the country I am temporarily living in.

And yes, in general I am thankful for many many things that Europe, or more accurately the EU has given to me.

But there are buts….quite many to be honest.

I am not happy by the fact that my country is being pushed around all the time they wish to support Hungarians per se, stating it is against this and that paragraph of the acquis communautaire. I do not like that we are put on Court because my Prime Minister does not want the 48th (!!!!!) giant shopping mall in Budapest (built, operated and lived in by foreign investors), while  Brussels, Paris, or Rome has 2-3 of them at most. I am not happy that we are fighting over whether to allow people to make Palinka at their home for their own or not while we have much bigger issues: see youth unemployment or Ukraine just to name the most blunt and palpable examples.

I am not happy  with the fact, that the majority of young people’s dream is to work in the EU – but not because of its mission but for the great money and security that, today, only an EU Institution can give. And once they are there, they complain on all channels about their work – by the way during the working time. (exceptions are many, evidently) 

I am not happy with the bureaucratic factory that the EU turned into; as well as that it seems to overstretch itself without any internal restructure – after all security is the best medicine for happiness.

But finally, I am not happy to see MEP candidates on the lists (specially the countries with preferential voting system), who has no significant know-how, talent or expertise. They just thought to be a politician from one day to another, to say the least.

It differs from country to country and while in Hungary I am challenged by the fact that I vote for my political party rather than for the names, in Belgium, the other country on which I have a view,  some people grew out of blue.

Why is there no minimum standard to uphold when running for MEP?
How should I feel calm and thoughtful to vote for a person, who has never ever worked in politics or obtained any particular speciality?

I am not OK to give power to these people, becoming MEPs, earning ca. 10.000 EUR and receiving additional benefits;

It seems it is easier to be on the voting list for MEP than to get the first job after graduation… since during the latter applicants at least need to speak languages, demonstrate soft skills and show knowledge… (if not more)

I am not OK to vote just for the sake of voting under the pleasant vision that if I vote I  ‘vote for Europe’, while some of the candidates are certainly not the people I want to allow to have any influence on my and my future children’s daily life….

I ask for MEPs who have achieved something, who are expert in certain fields, who excel in some areas. I ask for MEPs who make me feel calm and make me trust in Them, in Europe and in the Future!

 Can we think it over again, please?    


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