We hear a lot about youth unemployment, yet here is this wider problem that is tangible in our economical set up: that is the true confusion around the usage of young, talented, skilled workforce. In the name of experience gaining, there is a clear tendency of exploitation!

Sometimes consciously, sometimes un-consciously; yet the result is the same. Today 4.5 million people take on an internship each year, out which 60% are working without any payment!

Offering their skills for a company in a hope for an employment opportunity, which usually does not come. Hence, they take on an other internship, working harder, more skillfully, more diligently…yet the contract, the security, the payment and appreciation is await. The loop is endless.
Resulting in over-qualified 30ish young unemployed people, who worked years, yet achieved little on their career ladder.

For long it was believed to be a Brussels-specific challenge, but today we know it is everything but spot-specific. The life of Interns are hard everywhere and until they do not get a light at the end of the interning tunnel, we are facing a somewhat lost-generation.

Only together we are capable of lighting up some hope for them, for us…




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