Clean as a Zen Master

As a kid, I hated how my mum approached my room with her characteristic steps on Sunday afternoons. I knew it meant: cleaning time. So evidently, I did not hate my mum’s steps, I just hated what it meant. But there were no options, so I usually groaned from deep and took that damn hoover.

I always liked the result though, but I did not understand why I have to do, why is it an obligation and all in all what for?!

Today I think different. And I realized all those, who hate cleaning they do because they do not do it well.

You might think now that I am one of those obsessed cleaners, who cannot allow the flat run messy for a day. Well, my other half or my mum, for that matter, could definitely prove you wrong. I can be messy, since my convenient motto is that ‘a genius always oversee a mess’, so until I find everything what’s the urge.

But what I really mean under cleaning is not the obligatory weekend hovering but rather that gratifying cleaning, when you touch something and you put it somewhere and then you just enter into a ‘flow’ feeling and you cannot stop…. And you don’t want to stop. No obligations, no mother behind you, no necessities. Just your inner flow…that makes you create an order.

Today, I could not stop my flow; drawers opened one after the other effortlessly and endlessly.

By the end of the 4 hours séance 2 bags were await me fully and impatiently to bring them down to the trash.

I sat down and just watched them for minutes.  Thanks’ God nobody saw me, he would certainly question why to stare at 2 garbage bags with wild awake look. But never mind!

During that unforeseen and quiet date with the 2 bags I realized a few things:

–       Those who hate cleaning don’t do it right: cleaning is not only cleaning the surface to make it neat and nice, but it is the best meditation on earth. You do not have to sit on a cushion, breath deep and desperately try to switch your thoughts off – who, by the way on purpose will stay there and come with a more extensive pace; there are more smooth ways. Each time this flow cleaning comes on me I am the Zen itself. I feel at Peace. Every thrown out object makes my soul lighter.

–       Every time I make a big decision in my life, the next day this flow-cleaning state of mind hits on me (this was a huge discovery today)

–       Now I know that as a kid I hated cleaning because I had no things to let go, nothing to throw away literally and in every other figurative sense. I was a child, a careless, happy, full of dreams child. In those ages you just exist, there are no baggages on your shoulder, nothing to ease because you are eased naturally.

–       For the very same reason, as I child I could not discard myself from stuffs. ‘It will still be good for something, but I got it from granny, but I am sure it is still fitting….’ deceived myself confidently each time.

–       Today, I do not think! I take, select, and throw away. No strings attached. Such as in life, I learnt if I am holding on the past too much or am attached to objects or people too much and can’t let go it only leads to trouble. So today, just go, find it and throw out. Let it go. (breath)

Starring at the 2 big garbage bags my other half came home and asked with a surprise:

‘What are you doing?’

I said: ‘Look! I lightened our lives by 2 big baggages. You feel it?’

He smiled and kissed me.

I did not need to explain what I mean, he knew it. He knew that all the chemicals, creams, clothes are just the physical incarnations of a deeper meaning….

… I know he liked that I cleaned…and so did I.


Image                                                              Photo credit: Flickr/ Kristina Alexanderson



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