The Silence of Heartbeats

The Silence of Hearbeats

Silence. There is something stopping you from acting normal. It is not normal. A narrow street with lights, but different lights, with smell but different smells. That narrow street is filled with candle lights and fresh flower smells. Unusual set. You walk with a knot in your stomach. Maybe you have never been so close to a place…to a place, where people died. Sealed door and you quietly think: ‘why wasn’t it sealed so tightly on that afternoon?’ No answer. You feel as if you would have eyes also on your back this time. You are alert. Scared or mesmerized? Undecided. You make your body move smoothly. But they play staccato instead. It all last for a few minutes. And you leave an other candle light and fresh flower smell behind. You are relieved to leave. And only by sitting down further down the street, you can actually whisper a prayer, half loud. And then again: Silence…. —


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