How to travel to the USA from your couch? Come with me!

I don’t know you!  You don’t really know me!

Hence I am even more grateful for you stopping by, read my articles, check my pictures, like, add or follow me.

When I started to publish my thoughts, I just needed a platform; out of personal urges.
And though I knew that some people enjoyed how I place word after word and how I let them formulating into sentences and stories, I did not expect so many of you join my journey in such a short time.


I know that I write about a lot of things instead of giving a special focus, special angle to a special bit of our lives
But what can I do?! Life is so much more than A TOPIC. I need diversity. It keeps me curious, keeps me dig and understand more.

I know that sometimes I am too personal, but again, what can I do?! Life is just so personal.
And perhaps a moment from my life will reveal something in yours, Who knows? I am not shy to share! 🙂

I also know that I even could not chose between Hungarian and English as my official writing language  and therefore, bombarding you with sometimes weird combinations. But again, life is a buzz-jungle and these two languages are like my soul and my brain. Try to guess which one is which 😉


Tomorrow I am traveling to the USA. Not for the first time, yet I am as excited as at the age of 15, when they stamped my Visa for the first time. I don’t sleep for a few days already. I can’t think, I can’t focus, I can’t be here anymore. I need to feel the warm asphalt of Orlando’s streets to know for sure: Yes, I am here. And exhale….

You might ask why such an excitement, but what can I do? My life is all about excitements. Some are given, some are made by me. And to be honest: I love feeling this excited. These are the times when I feel, I LIVE to the fullest. So I might as well just keep my daily portion of it 😉

I am off for over 2 weeks and visiting Orlando, New York City and Washington DC. My schedule is full already with a great variety of programs, from NASA visit, Metropolitan Opera, Jazz Party, writing seminars, and well, I am not even sure if I have any coffee breaks 🙂

I know there are plenty of blogs, pictures about travelings from diverse angels; yet I invite you to join my trip and I promise you, I will give you the usual eclectic choice of entries:
There will be blogging, cultural insights, videos and tons of great pictures.

Though, I try to publish everything here as well, for the time being Facebook is easier to deal with when it comes to eclecticism, so come with me and remember: The grass is never greener on the other side, just the attitude is more colorful 😉


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