why does the rain smell better in nyc?

It is a rainy day in New York City. It rains the same way as it does in Brussels or in Budapest. It rains the same way as it does anywhere else in the world.

The grass is getting greener in each city by each rainy day, by each raindrop. No differences. Grass grows, grass gets brighter, grass smell spreads around…
This is the regular order of life, of nature, of a rainy day.

All the same; except for one thing: your feelings.

So many of us believe that if I would sit in New York City (for the sake of truthfulness  here) our life would be so much better. Or waking up in Dubai every day would make us a happy person. Or if we would work for XY finally we would be somebody.

We all tend to lean towards other’s grasses. We continuously wish for something else than what we were given.
As if this would be the regular order of life, of nature, of a our days. 

I have traveled a lot in my life from quite an early age. I do that with the greatest excitement and curiosity; and though each trip triggers a breeze on my forearm, there are  few cities, which trigger deeper cells and trigger the ‘I wish I would wake up there everyday’ syndrome.

We would be all hypocrites not to admit those, half playful half true, thoughts during our life time that indirectly reveal our blame on destiny:
‘if only I would have grown up in….’
‘if only I would have the money to study…’
‘if only I would have the same starting point as…’

Don’t say you never thought about it. It is not a shame. It is OK.
You do not even have to be a jealous character to have these thoughts bumping up in you once in a while.

Though being in New York City for the second time leaves different marks in my life, the thoughts of ‘if only…’ come as automatically as for the first time.

People are people everywhere; such as a rainy day is a rainy day everywhere. 

All the same except for one thing: your feelings.

The only thing that makes difference is how you feel yourself among the seemingly same people in the seemingly same rainy days.

I feel different here.

Few people could grab me the reason why New York is so special than my cab driver yesterday: ‘ In New York you can really be You’

So simple.

But I would add something else to it: vibes.

A city becomes special by its people. Its people become special by their vibes. Their vibes become special by the feelings they associate with the most. Their feelings become special by the thoughts they set in their minds. Their thoughts become special by the impacts the city leaves on them. And the city becomes special by …

New York is special because of its people, who disperse good vibes because of their great feelings caused by the positive thoughts that are generated by living in their city; in New York City.

It’s all about attitude, nothing to do with greener grasses…

… and that is why by the end I only wish: if only I would have grown up surrounded by such great vibes …


3 thoughts on “why does the rain smell better in nyc?

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