Hello there, Happiness!

Hello there, Happiness!

If a day without laughter is a waste then a week without dance, music, comedy, art, culture, nature, new views, new inputs, new questions, new desires, new explorations and above all love is a senseless life. These two weeks overseas gave me more than I could ever imagine.

What is happiness for me? Those instant moments, when your lips are turning to a smile in an uncontrollable way, while a tear drop is secretly approaching the corner of your shiny eyes and your whole body gently imitates the features of a God: effortlessly know that all are good as it is.

I was this happy for several instants ….

I am grateful for each and every moment… and I have two promises to make:
1. I will make good use of all the magic that happened to me,
2. I will never stop traveling and being curious…
…since besides love and health the only important things in life is to search for more every day and never stop opening the doors that appear in front of you!

But also never, ever to take anything for granted.
Never, ever forget to say: THANK YOU!


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