Dear sweet-hated jet-leg,

Dear sweet-hated jet-leg,

You make me dizzy, you make me nauseous, you make me have headache.

You make me feel lost, you make me feel weak, you make me feel miserable.

You make me wake in the middle of the night, you make me me sleep when I should be awake.

You make me eat when I should digest, you make me loose appetite when I should eat.

You have a power.

Certainly, you have.

I hate you for that.


You make me be thankful too.

Don’t believe?

Please, don’t be so harsh on yourself. You are not all bad.

You make me wake at 4am to open the window and have a big deep breath.

You make me enjoy the silent morning, when humans are asleep and only nature is up.

You make me listen to the songs of birds, the whispers of wind and to the noise of a wakening city.

You make me see the sunrise, you make me feel closer with nature, you make me feel peaceful.

You make me work when everybody sleeps, you make me enjoy my day when everybody works.

You make me have a healthy afternoon nap, you make me take vitamins at first.

You make me feel a sweet-hated love but guess what?

Maybe it is a bit more sweet than hate.

Good morning my sweet-hated jet-leg,



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