Peck47 – The must-like Eatery in the Heart of Brussels

Though the lines of restaurants, café and brunch places in Brussels are endless and every platforms try to convince me about the fantastic Brusselian hospitality, I have to tell you, it isn’t that easy to find a great place.

Far from me to generalize, but I am facing huge challenges in regards to the praised Brusselian warmth. There are plenty of cool places in town, nice design, great food, fresh ambiance, but if the waitress cannot fake (at least) a smile on herself for that five minutes until we interact, not way I will remember that place – or rather, no way I want to remember.

This fairly usual set is twisted by my personal weakness. I don’t speak French. I mean I am able to ask for my coffee and tea, or at least I thought I was; but there is a tendency to look for problems. At one occasion, when me and my other half went for a new eatery discovery tour, I was hesitantly but firmly trying my known sentences in French, saying: je voudrai thé,  s’il tu ple, when I got a cold shower by the waitress, who pretended not to understand me. After my third more and more innocent tries, I gave up and looked puzzled at my boyfriend. He nicely ordered, saying je voudrai un thé. I was shocked and speechless. Seriously? The un made all this hassle? I just could not get over it. Needless to say that my already little motivation to make friendship with this language just dropped dramatically again.

So, no, it is not easy to find a place, where actually you can enjoy yourself.

Facebook is great! At least for one thing: to find places, venues and events. This is how I came across Peck 47 the other week while searching for brunch venues for the time my brother comes to visit me.

by the end , it was a Friday evening when we visited this modern but friendly, neat but warm little place at Rue Marche Aux Poulets 47. Though it is defined as a brunch place, they are open until 10 pm, serving food all day long. For the greatest pleasure of the male part of the team, they even showed the actual football match; but for my personal greatest pleasures, it was not on the newest plasma TV but on a projector, giving it a nice vintage touch.

The interior of the place feels cozy and soul warming. Since it is not so big, you can easily oversee the whole space. Simple wooden tables on one side then little sofa-like solution by the big windows. The whole feels like as if you would go to your friend’s house, who happens to have an open American kitchen with a lovely dining area.

As we found our best spot for the evening a smiley, friendly and energetic guy came to our table. Not to start with the un-problem again, I hesitantly asked if he speaks English. He did. And what is more it was OK. He was helpful, attentive and joyful. Just like a person, who works with people should be.

I congratulated him for the space, for which a blush run through his friendly face. That made me assume that he is one of owners. Thumbs up guys!

We were all set for a dinner in a nice environment. And you know what, I did not even care anymore hot food would be; after all, my social and human needs were satisfied.

But the food did not lag behind the nicely built standards either.
They offer a great variety of appetizers, salads and sandwiches. All seem simple but at the same time all have a nice Peck touch, making the menu very original and appealing. We all ordered something else, and we all had delicious dishes. What came after was the cherry on the top of the cake; literally, the dessert was mouthwatering. Again, original; yet familiar, fresh, toothsome, and savory. Don’t miss the jar-juices either!

All in all, I am happy to discovered Peck47 and I am looking forward visiting them again (and again, and again)

 If you need a place to take your friends, but beer is not all what you want, if you want quality food on an affordable price but don’t fancy a proper restaurant, if you want great, English speaking service and a culture place, then go and check out Peck 47!

Oh, and I almost forgot: they are really going cult: aiming to showcase vintage movies regularly. (Yes, in English!) Can’t wait to see their first event!

Peck47 is a 5 Star eatery  – been there, tried them.

ps. we had such an amazing time, that so unusual from me, but I have no pictures to attach. But something for next time 🙂


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