Look up and say thank you…

It was a lovely sunny day today. I was sitting in the park with the latest Bozar agenda, when I felt the urge to look around. I stopped for a moment and I realized that I was happy. Around me the freshly cut, vivid green grass, in front of me a beautifully blossoming colorful bunch of flowers and the heat of the Sun on my caressing my face.

Then a question burst out in me: ‘Who takes care of this park?’

At that moment a middle-aged man arouse from the middle of my cherished flower garden. He was peacefully cutting off the dry parts and he said nothing, yet it felt as if he would been enjoying a deep discussion with those flowers. Suddenly I felt so thankful for this men. His work makes our soul awake, his work makes our eyes wonder, his work makes our days nicer.

I don’t know you, but thank you!


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