snapshots from Israel… (day 1)

I never really blog (at least not in its real sense) but for the next two weeks you might see me doing that. And it has a reason. I am in Israel. 
You might wonder why I am here, especially now, but that is a different story.

photo 5I arrived yesterday night from Budapest with a pleasant turbulenceless 3 hours flight. As soon as I stepped out of the airplane the humid, warm air touched my skin and my lips just automatically stretched to the sides, my heart automatically started to beat faster and I just wanted to feel the caress of Israel quickly and to the fullest.


By the time I arrived to the passport control, I already walked down the so familiar corridors, saw the familiar signs,photo 3 (1) knew my way around; but something was a bit different this time: there was an unfamiliar sign saying: Shelter that way…


Hated to see that and I just kept on asking my boyfriend where is ‘that way‘, since I saw no destination to the that way. Then I started to play (half joke, half serious) asking him: from this where would we run? and from here? and now?

He patiently answered my questions; I guess he knows: I need answers to calm down.

After a 30 minutes drive with windows full open, my favorite radio channel full volume, smelling the warm Israeli air, we arrived to Netanya, our place to be…

The only thing I was thinking of during the last weeks was this moment: the moment of arriving to my beloved Netanya, the moment I enter the flat and feel the special smell of the rooms, the moment when I open the door to the terrace and the moment I can say hello to my friend in front: my friend, the 2 (1)

I just sat there and took all what the moment could offer me. Happiness tears in the eye – a heart filled with love.

Meanwhile in the news: peace-talks ended with success in Cairo… 
We looked at each other – high-five and a kiss and let the sweat dreams take us to the unknown…




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