snapshots from Israel… (day 2)


I so wanted, I really so wanted, I so wanted to wake up early morning and go to the beach and start running before I even open my eyes fully. The way I like it. Sunrise, sea, sand, stiff body but a soul that is filled with curiosity what the new day might bring….

So yes,  I wanted all this, but I just could not wake up. Was it the last weeks’ stress that finally found the bed to get it out? Was it the previous day’s trip? Was it the too much excitement surrounding my arrival? Or was it the nice, warm air that hugged me so tightly that I felt no desire to get out of its arms?
Either way, I slept so well that only certain place give me as their presents…

Run was cancelled – but what came after is my second favorite part of my Israeli mornings: opening the terrace door, breath as deep from the morning air that my lungs are a obliged to make some extra place, get my cup of coffee and just observe: observe how the see awakens with the sun, how the cars coming and going beneath and how the city wakes up in its own special rhythm.

I love the noise of the waking cities – all so different, though doing the same.

Following my morning seance – truly can you imagine what a quality of life is this? waking up by the sea, in no hurry with smiley faces around you? – I headed to today’s office: a room with a desk but a view…

I started to work and enjoyed it more than usual, and I was more keen to get to lunch break as soon as possible: I could not wait to go out,  enjoy the streets, the people, the ‘yalla-yalla’ screams….

IMG_8450Lunch break hit us quickly and we headed to the center of Netanya. A center that I wish my own city would have. But let me share some information on Netanya – I feel accurate at this point: it lies 30 km from Tel Aviv with over 14 km stunning sand beaches. No wonder why the city is so magnificent:  it has a women major. She makes miracles with the city. Just from the first time I visited the it, it has been changing faces endlessly. Renovations, new buildings, new pathways – yet all carefully thought, carefully planned, and beautifully executed. Netanya is home to ca. 193,000 people and boast for a rich tourism mainly thanks to French visitors. Without going into a tourist guide-like description, Netanya has it all: galleries, sport activities, businesses, restaurants, hotels and many many friendly people (hm at least I only find them).

Pundak Ha-Yam was the lucky restaurant where we entered to fill our hungry bellies. I went there with my other-half and one of my favorite couple in Netanya. I hardly sat down when food started to arrive to our table. I thought it was some sort of joke, when I was enlightened: that this is how we do it…

I was still puzzled: do what? I ordered nothing and you bring food? After all it is lovely, since I was starving, but seriously? 

Yes, seriously – we had an amazing lunch with all the local tastes, I usually ate a kg hummus myself, this time I shared and got some other delicious plates as well. (as a tourist guide: I truly recommend to eat here)

A little walk, some errands to make, and a refreshing glida (ice-cream)  made the afternoon perfect, allowing us to get motivation to finish the remaining works….

Since the evening are long and warm the only thing you wish for is to be take air, air, air.

IMG_8460Around 8pm we decided to take our dinner in Herzliya (another gem by the coast, by the way named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism), so we started our 20 min drive. Thanks to my other-half I was in good hands again and arrived to the perfect place I could envision: a café-resto by the beach, tables and comfy pillow filled chairs on the sand, close enough to smell and hear the sea.

A friendly waiter arrived shortly, who no surprisingly anymore spoke fluent English.  We had a lovely, light dinner, while I was counting the stars above me… literally and metaphorically as well.

Though the evening could have ended here, my heart was still acting as a child and just could not stand not being well-treated as well: the little kid in me wanted to see and feel the sea. Wanted to touch it…

So we walked down by the sandy path until the contrast of air touched my face: the sea spouted the warm, while the air was about to cool … amazing surprises from nature. I went into the sea, the warm, gentle waves touched around my skin. I loved it, I smiled inside and out. After all it is so easy to be happy.IMG_8489

I was in heaven for 10 minutes, when I heard BUMMMM, then again, and then again. Loud, shaky bummmm. It was confusingly close-far. I was unsure how close or how far it might have been. For a second I was even unsure of what it might have been. But this unsureness lasted for a second only, and in the next second I arrived back to reality.

I looked at him, he smiled, he pretended as if  I could not hear anything; nice try baby – I thought. We both knew exactly: it was a missile.

At this very moment, his phone rang and our dear people from lunch time asked where we were, just to make sure, we were safe, since as they said: ‘they are active again’.

I got silent. You kind of know it was far, you kind of know you have the Iron Dome watching over you, you kind of know that no missiles have ever landed in this area; yet you need to digest: it was a missile, ca. 70 km from you.

In the car I remained silent and started to hunt for information on my Facebook wall (the most up-to-date info channel – if you know what to read). It took 2 seconds to find out that the 70km was not so 70, the missile hit in Tel Aviv…

I admit, I got scared. He smiles at me, he explains me all, he gives me history lectures, but as I revealed in my previous posts already: I, you, we are all spoiled.  All of us, who grow up without knowing what a safety room is, grow up without hearing sirens, grow up without bummmms, we are all spoiled and taking peace for granted.

Ignorance always upset me, and it was just escalating during the last weeks, when people, who never been to Israel or Gaza talked as prophets and omniscient people about the current conflict. My opinion on the matter is easily found at different platforms, so my only remaining thought for tonight is: never-ever again say a word against any country until you have lived there. Never ever say Israel attacks people as an illegitimate answer for the 50th bummm, until you have never heard a bummm yourself… until then, you have no idea….

Meanwhile, in the news: peace-talks failed, both sides blame the other; Hamas leader killed, missiles are the answers.

And I am praying unnoticeably in my heart….


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