snapshots from Israel (day 5-6),

. Days in Israel are purely surrealistic now.

There are cities, which are untouched. The soil, the daily routine, the Shabat, the nights. Untouched. No sirens, no bummmms.
And there are cities, where nothing is untouched. The soil, the daily routine, the Shabat, the nights. All touched. Sirens, running, hiding, bummms.

I am going from city to city, I hear the bummm, then I go back to silence. Then from silence back to 2 (2)

It’s like you dream, and then you wake up and then you quickly go back to sleep again.

But you still feel wherever you are that people are alert. A flat tire and a moment are on hold; an alarm of a car and you look around, a loud scream and you stop for a moment. There is a heightened alertness in the veins while reflexes are sharpened.

The knowledge that something can happen at any moment. You know, when you are lying with a wide-open mouth at the dentist and for the time being there each of your muscles are tight and ready to react. Most of the time there is no pain, but you do not know when it would suddenly hit your nerve, and you say: ‘ajjj’…

A little, 4-year old Israeli boy died. He was well-trained. He knew what to do when sirens are on; he knew how much time he got (ca 2 seconds); he10527629_823510817683403_3299857470908406666_n knew where to run. Yesterday, he died. This angel-faced, blond little boy with a full-hearted smile on his face went to the other side. You know, he was living his days in one of those touched cities.

Do you want to know something else? You know, just because I am not sure you will hear about it in your news: he was killed by a missile sent by the Hamas (you know those good guys, the ones many of your protect). But I tell you something even more exciting: the missile that killed him was shot from the UNRWA school. You know that school, which hides missiles instead of books, the one that is home to terrorists instead of pupils and the one that is accidentally named as The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees…

Two weeks ago Israel destroyed a similar school. And many of you raised your dislike, and you felt gutted by this action. How do you feel now? Do you still feel gutted? Or do you perhaps start to understand why schools are destroyed sometimes?

So yes, this is what happened. And I was waiting for the headlines today to tell me all these. I was waiting for people to go on the streets of London, Paris, Brussels with banners to firmly protest against the Hamas. But guess what? Nothing happened.

Daniel Tregerman, the little angel, was a victim of the devil. And please do not come with the ‘but how many Palestinian children ‘ seemingly strong argument. It just does not work like this.

If Israel has no Iron Dome, Daniel would not have been alone on his journey to the Rainbow stoned better life.

Wake up call:
Hamas targets cities, and civilians, with a mission to kill all Jews.
Israel targets with a mission to protect itself.

As Golda Meir said: Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

And Shabat has ended – a Shabat full of controversies, a Shabat full of love, and care; in a country that loves and cares…

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