photo snaphosts from Israel (south)

A day spent in the desert is a day invested in your soul. Intimidating silence, unbearable heat and endless paths to the unknown. Let me share with you a day spent in the south of Israel – at Ein Avdat and Avdat, the once prosperous cities of the Nabateans (you know the ones from Petra, Jordan).

The Nabateans were able to make a vivid agriculture hub in the middle of the desert, they knew how to collect water in cisterns and how to channel them around the city.

When they became part of the Roman Empire, they assimilated but never disappeared – kept their full identity.

Avdat was part of the famous incentive routes that led from Petra to Gaza and today it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites (2005) due its archeological significance and authenticity. The city was ruined by an earthquake and until the recent settlement arrived to the area it was fully abandon. Though, the site was amazingly well-preserved until 2009, when a group of Beduins vandalized it.

Here are some amazing visual snapshots of the area. All pictures were taken by me; please respect that. You are free to share if source is indicated.

Enjoy your hike!



DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO P1140939 P1140963 P1140972


DCIM101GOPRO P1140820 P1140823 P1140836 P1140844 P1140854 P1140863 P1140870 P1140881 P1140885 P1140896 P1140899


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