photo snapshots from Israel (Mitzpe Ramon)

 Mitzpe Ramon is a village in the Negev Desert, South of Israel. While the area is filled with Bedouins living in tents on the endless fields of the dessert, the city is lived by 3-4 thousands people, and interested local and foreign tourists.

Why do people go to Mitzpe Ramon, a seemingly deserted village? Because it hides Israel’s unique geological treasure: Makhtesh Ramon. The 40 km long, 2–10 km wide and 500 meters deep Maktesh or crater was not created by a meteor but water.

Breath-taking views, plenty of fresh air, never heard silence and energetic evening wind add up to the exceptional atmosphere that Ramon Crater offers to all, who is not afraid to take out a hiking shoes and along with a few liters of water and a good hat start a walk on either side of the camel mountain.

Though it is in the middle of the desert, the city has a supermarket, exciting restaurant-like eateries (using local farm products) and an outstanding visitor center with skilled, helpful and English-speaking staff await all visitors! (They give out maps and all the information you one might need; hat, suncream available on spot)

Words are rarely enough to motivate; thus, scroll down for some amazing shots from this amazing present of nature!


IMG_8693 P1140660 P1140678

P1140701 P1140706 P1140708 P1140709 P1140720 P1140737 P1140980 P1140981
P1150001 P1150006 P1150009 P1150015


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