How the Soul prepares

The NYC Journal by Virag Gulyas

So there I am hanging between extreme excitement and dreadful anxiety. 

Surely, I am not 15 anymore, when you take a luggage fill it with the freshly washed clothes prepared by your mother and the next day you take the train or plane and start your exciting journeys to the unknown without fears, real obligations and with the unquestionable axiom that you can only win form this. 

This is not the case anymore. Or perhaps it could be but no, rather not.

I am 29, and my mum does not prepare me the pile of clothes and I am not taking the plane anymore without fear but I do with certain obligations and the ultimate aim to avoid failure.

We change over the time so do our skills to handle the unknown. 

I remember when I was accepted to study in Oxford; I happily told the news to my back then Russian…

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