art under the your way – the subway

The NYC Journal by Virag Gulyas

Once upon a time around 1904 on an day, when leaves already started to fall, NYC’s subway system was opened. Yes, it has been over 110 years that horses were replaced by steel objects to carry us, humans.

Years has passed and the subway system grew, just as the city, carrying more and feeding more. What does the 468 stations and art have in common?

Interest; perhaps thats the only word that comes to my mind. Both serves a purpose…just a little differently.

If you would ask an average New Yorker taking the subway each and every day during his last 35 years (to use as a common example), it has a great chance that what I am about to show you, he has never even seen. Or seen, but never really saw…

Daily routine kills your eyes and perhaps your soul as well, but about this later.


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