29 +1 reasons why New York and me fall for each other

The NYC Journal by Virag Gulyas

Today is celebration day: my New York Persona turned one month old. Weeks have passed without asking for checking-in or out at my desk. This uncontrolled way of time management is the only reasonable explanation how four weeks could just turn from present to past with such a pace.

New York, my love, 

They say the first few months of a relationship is not real love but blind infatuation. To be honest it is fine for me either way now; love or infatuation both makes us happy, so what to over-think?! And since we are already living together it could easily be more than simple infatuation, don’t you think?

I like celebrating. I would celebrate every and each day with my love, but we need to draw a healthy line between ordinary days and celebration days – or at least this is what they say. So I try to ease…

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