God, I am starving!

The NYC Journal by Virag Gulyas

Really, truly, desperately starving. Craving for food. Dying for real food.

During my previous US trips I was a convenient tourist with dine-outs, hotel breakfasts; absolutely negligent towards the food-factor in my days.

But I am not a tourist now: I have no room-service, no fancy-shmancy table preparations. I am  a New Yorker now. Yeah, I know what you think: how could I be after a month?! I tell you how: I want it badly. So I am out there like a mesmerized little kid seeking, digging, doing. And this mesmerized state of mind is not different when it comes to feed my flat but hungry tummy.

The first week passed in blissful ignorance, after-all the hectic streets and never ending events seemed more interesting than nutrition lists or sleeping hours, for that matter. But overcoming some shaky health issues lately, I needed to talk to my higher-self and we both came…

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