why the ‘friends’ was lying about flatmates

The NYC Journal by Virag Gulyas

Keep calm Keep calm

Can you imagine the feeling of explosion? Do you know that pain around your lower stomach? Do you know the pressure when each ‘one more minute’ gives a kick to your bladder? Do you know the feeling when cry or scream or taking a bottle seems the only option left?

And this pain is only the short-term physical feature of keeping back your first morning ‘let go’... but let’s not think of what might be.

Rather, let’s talk about flatmates; a term or concept that I haven’t encountered with for long..very long…

It’s all hip and cool to say my flatmates, especially in a city, where flatmating is not the thing of the 20 somethings, but ageless…. But I do believe that the Friends was lying about flatmates. I am so very sure…

I am living together with four people, and looking back to my pre-New York flat hunting, I am still thrilled…

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