Welcome to GIAGOTOS

by Virag Gulyas

Well… Where to start? How to start? Is it going to be a personal blog? Is it going to be an informal blog? A self-help blog? Or a political blog?
I do not know yet. Maybe all in one.

Will it be in English, which is not my mother tongue but I feel so free to let the words flow out of me? Or before, someone stigmatizes me, I should just write in Hungarian, my mother tongue that is still my bread and butter?
I do not know yet. Maybe all in one.

I just want to write. The enormous, unstoppable energy and voices in me cannot be forced to low volume anymore.
Maybe you will not like how I write. Maybe you will not even read what I write. It’s all ok! You are free to have your own opinion, your own writing style. Yet, I know, I have something in me that will not stop me, even if by the end, I will be the only reader of my own writings. It is still very ok.

BUT! If there will be ONE person, whose life would move forward by one of my sentences, or there will be ONE person, who would grab one thought of mine and develop it further, or there would be ONE person, whose lips turn to a smile for one second, then I know it was worth it. One person and one second is enough to keep on going.

We all (seemingly) want so much from this life, but actually, if you sit down and look into yourself honestly, you realize: we do not need so much, we just need those ‘One person and one second‘ moments to feel alive.

I know there are thousands and thousands writers, journalist, bloggers, helpers out there. Why would I be different?
Because I am. Because you are. Because we all are.

The last couple of years made me overwhelmed with life. Both its ups and downs. Yet, the result is the same: I feel overwhelmed by information, by feelings, by ideas, by forces, by my own internal developments. This is the greener side. I am also overwhelmed by fights in and out of me, by social pressures, by social expectations, by the molestation of judgments. This is the other side.

For a few weeks already, the energy is booming in me but being a human, just kept on postponing the first move. For a few weeks already, I have a knot in my throat but did not figure out why. Today morning, by accident (if there are anything that happens accidentally?) I came across the meaning and curing of chakras. Having my morning coffee and the curiosity I clicked. If you would need a quick info on it, I can tell you that the Throat Chakra represents our ability to communicate. It gets blocked when we are troubling with self-expression of feelings, thoughts. For the advice on what to do, you can choose one the following activities: sing, dance, write, speak and yell, express yourself, no fears, stand up for personal beliefs and support other people, ideologies and groups, but especially for yourself.

The list is appealing, especially the yelling part at some occasions. But, hey, we are in a socialized world! So I dropped this (for now).

Rather, I opt for something that is more in line with my desires (as they say, your heart-soul-mind balance): writing.

… I shall do so…

Enjoy my writing, or not, read it or not! But be sure of one thing: You look for your drive. You look for something that makes your own chakras unblocked! You might already know it, then keep on doing! If you do not have the secret yet, go for it! I am not saying it would be easy. I am still carefully and curiosly stepping on and discovering my own way day by day… but isn’t life about all these discoveries?



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