Human Factors

“There is a reason behind this post; there is an objective behind these words”

To share and spread the word that HR is indeed a factor, HR does matter! 

The matter in fact has two sides: the individual and the corporate.
None of them is easy, none of them is black and white –  but both of them are crucial and part of the broad sense of Human Resource, alias HR.

The HR Factor has a dream: to match the needs of the individual with the corporate and the corporate with the individual.

No, I am not another headhunter company in the pipeline. Even though, we could be!
My aim is to step back one, or even two, and give hand where you plant the seeds:

Individual side – Let you be employed, unemployed, fresh graduate or student

  • Is your CV sellable?
  • Are you aware of the hidden pitfall called cultural differences?
  • Are you really looking for a matching position?
  • Can you cope with the cornered interview questions?
  • Are you new in Belgium and feel ‘lost in space’?
  • You have so many questions but no one to answer?
  • ….

Corporate side –  Let you be a TNC, SME or a start-up

  • Too small to have an onboard HR person?
  • Looking for HR solutions only when in need?
  • Want to hire the best but do not have an HR policy yet?
  • Want to offer internship but unsure how?
  • Want to be self-employed in Belgium but unsure about the legal procedure?
  • ….

“The HR Factor is here to listen, to answer, to guide you!

My solutions are based on your needs; there is no ‘one fit for all solution’ – since you & your business is unique, you are the HR factor, the human factor…



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