“Yet, the battle is yours. The choice between the paths is yours.
But I have a good news: THE RESULT WILL BE ALSO YOURS!
…and that is why you wake up each day: to make your choice!”


“Do not be afraid of the little deaths along your way. Every death is followed by rebirth. And every rebirth presents you with a new Life.
Die, even if it hurts and you get lost and you do not know when it ends. I promise you; all will be right by the end!”


‘Senki nem mondta, hogy könnyű lesz – noha nèha-nèha már meglebben a könnyedsèg egy pillangó kèpèben- de oly könnyedsèggel el is innan, ès Te màris visszazuhansz a Földre. S nem àm könnyedèn! Nem! Mind az 50-60 kilód lefelèhúz ès csupan a gravitàció lètènek köszönhető, hogy csak ennyi törtènik: Hupp…
Ez első pillanatban fàj, ès csakúgy, mint egy kisgyerek, aki éppcsak lehuppant a biciklijèről, meg is ijedsz egy kicsit. Majd körbenèzel ès keresed a segítő tekinteteket. Abból pedig vagy talàlsz, vagy nem. De Neked ettől mèg fel kell állnod. S minèl többet vársz, csak annàl jobban elzsibbadnak a tagjaid. Így talán jobb lenne gyorsan felállni. Vagy talán maradhatsz is, ha gondolod, de ez esetben az életet igencsak lentről érzékeled majd. Így azért – valljuk be – ha nehéz is, ha fáj is, FEL KELL ÁLLNI!’


“We do not have to master everything in life, to be the first, the best, the greatest – but we all should have the right to try out everything in life, without prejudice, judgment, rejection. ”


‘A bad word can make you blind instantly. You freeze, you cry, you see your whole life as black and white.

And it is OK.

Be in the dark, colorless world of yours for a few minutes; but then, get out of it very quickly before you go to harsh on yourself!
Open your eyes, stop crying, start moving, forget the darkness – look to the light again and you will see the countless colors in your life!’


“Not having a job is not defining you, it is not making you a failure!
It might give you the time to reflect on your life, to see your boundaries, face your limitations, figure out what you really want, teach you patience, lead you to discover new things about yourself, motivate you further, prepare you to be stronger, make you better, educate you to appreciate…”


“Why is it OK to be single for years and waiting for Miss Right / Mr. Right but it is shameful to pause for a few months and find Miss/Mr RIGHT JOB?”


‘When you feel that the saying of ‘Man plans God laughs’ applies to your life, just stop the planning and decide to give God a company and laugh with him heart-fully, loudly, honestly. After all, God found you important: Yes, he did!
He chose YOU to entertain him with your plans, while he knew from the first thought that NONE of them is for you! Or at least, not now, not like this. So just laugh and let him re-arrange the plans for you…that is the best you can do’


” I don’t believe in accidents. Not even a plate is dropped accidentally. Not even a book is touched accidentally. Not even the rain starts to pour on you accidentally. Nothing happens accidentally. But, most of all, not one person is crossing the maze of your life accidentally. None of them are there accidentally. The happy, the sad, the anxious, the careless, the smiley, the crying, the old, the young, the He or the She…none. They all have something to tell you! They all have something to show you!
To find out the ‘what’; that is YOUR only task. Enjoy your miracles!”


“Back then, there was no FB – so we were not traveling for ‘likes’ but we were traveling because we ‘liked’”


“Nem az a szerelem, mikor a másikra nézve azt mondod, ‘szeretem a szemed, az arcod, az ajkad’. Mégcsak nem is az, amikor megígéred, hogy örökké vele maradsz. Nem!A szerelem nem ilyen egyszerű, nem ilyen e világi. Szerintem a szerelem pillanatokig tart csupán, s ekkor a másik szemébe nézve megdermedsz, a szemed könnybe lábad, elönt a forróság és egy nem ismert mélységből átjár az érzés, mely szinte észrevétlenül  megtestesül, s szavak formáját öltve távozik ajkaid közül: ‘Én szerelmes vagyok a Lelkedbe!’ S ezzel a forró, égető, nem e világi érzés már is el is illant… Ami marad az a szeretet, az amikor a másikra nézve azt modod: szeretem a szemed….”


“Those, who are not interested in my problems should not receive from my happiness either”


”They say, vacations in difficult times are only escapes from your problems instead of facing and solving them. Maybe, but who are you to judge where I want to fight my battles?”







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