I believe a person, who was raised as an artist of any kind, will never ever be able to detach herself from it, even if she stopped being a professional one. Photography, for me , is an art – an art that I pursue as an amateur photographer artist (?) (even though I could easily be called a pro also, since I have a very pro camera …well…one day).  I like originality, clearness and trueness. I don’t like when an honest picture is being formatted, edited and hence becoming something else that was not there on the first place. To achieve such a transformation, I would rather paint – if I could! My aim as an amateur artist  is to transmit to you the feeling or perspective that I got, while taking the picture. I want  you to feel as if you were there beside me, breathing with me and clicking the button with me… The Photo-journal section was set alive to share my VIEW with you.

“To caress your eyes and your soul…”

springWhen you look beyond your own sight... (Spring edition)
UAE - the hub of clashes DSC_0196
Magical Israel -1002587_225653830919104_1400631428_n-2and what is behind
Budapest - Hungaryű
New York - the city of dreams

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