Magical Israel – and what is behind

Israel, a country that receives judgments, opinions from  many angels – yet, once you are there and breath from the air, see its colors, talk with its people a new world opens up in front of you! I am seeking the opportunities to step on the field of Israel as often as possible:

1395386_255435544607599_2036887516_n 1459809_255432901274530_1936812432_n 64235_255432154607938_212188534_n 580805_255431821274638_1937591364_n 993670_225662434251577_367065803_n 1014192_225659510918536_1489635855_n 1170822_225654137585740_2036557924_n 523477_225653834252437_1943075284_n 1146737_225653770919110_1730060578_n-2 1002587_225653830919104_1400631428_n-2


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