All the Birthdays! Yes, all of them!

Yesterday was a special day. The most special person in my life celebrated an additional year in his life. For some reason, since our first celebrations together, we tend to give moments and experiences as our present as opposed to buy something. Nothing is bad with buying something, but somehow with us it came other way around.

One of the moments given to him was a letter. A letter from me that was born on an intimating white paper and a pen by a cup of strong coffee and automatically developing falling tears.

It was for him. From me.

But today, decided that I will share it further. Why?
– because it is not something to hide. These are feelings from humans.
Who should read it?
– all the people, who somehow tried/trying to tear us apart (including family and friends);

– all the people, who believe that in the 21st century’s manipulated social life ‘for us everything is so is easy, because we smile’; No! It is not but we do smile!
– all the people, who ever been in love;

– and for all the people, who, sometimes, wants to give up;

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why does the rain smell better in nyc?

It is a rainy day in New York City. It rains the same way as it does in Brussels or in Budapest. It rains the same way as it does anywhere else in the world. The grass is getting greener in each city by each rainy day, by each raindrop. No differences. Grass grows, grass gets…

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19th day of #100HAPPYDAYS

19th day of #100HAPPYDAYS is a day to celebrate, remember and appreciate that 2.5 years ago I was given a new chance as he entered to my life. He changed it completely, turned it up-side-down, which was both scary and beautiful. The story is still on, hopefully for long. I don’t say forever because I…

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Clean as a Zen Master

As a kid, I hated how my mum approached my room with her characteristic steps on Sunday afternoons. I knew it meant: cleaning time. So evidently, I did not hate my mum’s steps, I just hated what it meant. But there were no options, so I usually groaned from deep and took that damn hoover.…

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14th day of #100HAPPYDAYS

14th day of #100HAPPYDAYS gave me this present. A picture of an elderly couple, who still hold hands. We cannot know since when they have been holding each other, yet maybe it does not matter really. What does is one thing: you have somebody to share your days with!

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Keep calm, I am coming

“When life tries to put you back, hold on to the good things even tighter” In a month time I am going to visit the USA and I am preparing you special insights, not the usual ‘see this, do that’ types of things, but a city experience by me Hope you will enjoy them. Cities…

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7th day of #100HAPPYDAYS

7th day of #100HAPPYDAYS – It has been a year that I was luck enough to meet NYC face to face. Since then I can’t get her out of my mind. So there is no other way to ease the distance then go and visit each other. So here is why I am so freaky…

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