I lived in New York and something stayed there…

Virag, why don’t you write?  A ticking bomb in my soul. Something that wants to happen but I hold it back. So, really. Why don’t I write? ‘I used to cry but I don’t have time…’ – this is the only answer I get while asking my question aloud under the shower. I am in tears. The warm…

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Oh My God! My bag!

‘Oh Jeez my bag! My bag! My bag! I have everything in it: my camera, my external hardware, my visa, my ID, my eye drops, my Oh My GOD my bag!’ There was I, standing in the middle of the 2nd Avenue, in the middle of Manhattan, in the middle of the world’s busiest city. I…

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Why not to take a leap of faith?

I am facing a big decision at the moment and I needed to admit first time in my life, out loud, that I am scared like shit. Evidently, I made big decisions in my life already. So first I did not understand my knotted stomach as an answer to the idea. Then I sat down…

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All the Birthdays! Yes, all of them!

Yesterday was a special day. The most special person in my life celebrated an additional year in his life. For some reason, since our first celebrations together, we tend to give moments and experiences as our present as opposed to buy something. Nothing is bad with buying something, but somehow with us it came other way around.

One of the moments given to him was a letter. A letter from me that was born on an intimating white paper and a pen by a cup of strong coffee and automatically developing falling tears.

It was for him. From me.

But today, decided that I will share it further. Why?
– because it is not something to hide. These are feelings from humans.
Who should read it?
– all the people, who somehow tried/trying to tear us apart (including family and friends);

– all the people, who believe that in the 21st century’s manipulated social life ‘for us everything is so is easy, because we smile’; No! It is not but we do smile!
– all the people, who ever been in love;

– and for all the people, who, sometimes, wants to give up;

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Dear HR Department! (Project nr.1)

Dear All, Having worked as a headhunter, then as a recruiter & having worked as an intern, then as an employee, I am familiar with both sides. I am working on a broader project – here is the kick off step! Share and like if you agree 😉  Join my Facebook page for more common…

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Why you shouldn’t settle just for ‘anything’

Would you accept any offers? – asked my unemployed friend last time. Tough question. Especially today. Especially if you are above the age when your parents should finance your needs. But, I think it is a tough question from all angles. Usually, our needs (mainly financial), our ego (me, without a job? you kidding me,…

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Your re-start button

One of my reader, – one of YOU – , wrote me that I am ‘courageous’. Courageous to write down things openly, warning me that my ex-colleagues or friends can read it. I am not sure if this is courage per se or not, but I know they are reading it. What is more: I…

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Let them go…let new ones in!

There are times when you feel that nothing seem to fit in the picture, when you feel you have lost some pieces of the puzzle of your life. You are searching, digging, desperate to find them, yet they are gone. You had a dream, you had  a plan. Yet, that dream that plan is dissolved as…

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